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UConn Extension financial education workshops are designed to engage participants and assist them gaining knowledge and skills relevant to their needs and interests. A variety of teaching methods are used. This personal financial education program works in partnership with academic institutions, community organizations, state agencies, and businesses in reaching diverse audiences as well as the general public. Training is also available for professional and volunteer groups. In addition, financial literacy workshops are available for youth and young adults. Developing workshops for new audiences and working with people facing financial challenges are special area of focus. The UConn Extension Financial Education Program also coordinates the Connecticut Saves Campaign, a social marketing project promoting increasing personal saving behavior among Connecticut residents. This savings campaign is run in cooperation with several partnering organizations. Opportunities to collaborate with others on new projects are also welcomed. Contact Faye Griffiths-Smith at 203.407.3160 or

Some examples of workshops held include:

Professional Development Workshops

  • Financial Coaching Training
  • Your Money, Your Goals Training (developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  • Parents, Kids, and Money

Financial Capability Workshops for Adults

  • Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Financial Fitness Checkup
  • Making Change: Saving Money and Reducing Debt
  • Teaching Your Children about Money

Financial Literacy Workshops for Young Adults

  • Welcome to the Real World
  • Starting Out: What You Need to Know
  • Financial Jeopardy

Financial Literacy Workshops for Youth

  • Set a Goal, Make a Plan
  • Your First Job: Make Your Money Go Far
  • The Financial Facts of Life